This challenge became rather appropriate for me this week, although I didn’t know it when I chose it. It’s been a tough week. I have struggled a lot with motivation this week. LACK of motivation, I should say! Everyday I seemed to struggle a bit more, until Sunday, I could barely get out of bed. I didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t want to talk to anyone (ironic, since I really only have three options anyways!). I was blue. 

I think it is because of quarantine, and, ironically, not being able to see anyone. (Ironic since I really DIDN’T want to see anyone yesterday!) That, and the fact that I feel like there is nothing to look forward to. There is nothing exciting on the calendar. Nothing on the calendar at all! (Well, technically, that’s not true. There are a few Zoom calls here and there!) 

Nothing on the horizon except for more uncertainty and unknowns. 

Sunday was also supposed to be the last day of lockdown here in Kyrgyzstan. Or at least there was the possibility that it might be. Except that that didn’t happen. They did end curfew, and the formal State of Emergency, but from what I can tell, not much else is going to change in the foreseeable future. More of the same.

And I do understand. The numbers in this country have not yet started to peak or slow down. And so it is important to keep up the safety measures. I know that. But it doesn’t make it any easier.

That brings me to our challenge on reflections. As I played with reflections this week, what struck me about them (at least about mine) was that they seemed to be all about confusion and chaos, and things that didn’t make sense and darkness. 

Interesting that the themes of my photos seem to reflect my inner state right now. I love how photos can do that! And this time it wasn’t really intentional (although maybe it was, subconsciously??…)

What do your reflection photos say? How did you find this challenge? (I had a lot of fun with this challenge! I just kept playing with my windows…opening them at different angles, shooting in different directions, and was amazed at what I came up with! None of my photos are manipulated digitally in any way. These were all created “in camera”, solely using reflections. Amazing, huh?!)

New Challenge: Light

Are you running out of steam? Feeling overwhelmed? Or are you maintaining your equilibrium? I think sometimes, it changes day by day, doesn’t it? And we have to keep coming up with new coping strategies. At least I do! For me, this week, I started exercising again, after a long hiatus, to help my mental health. 

This week, we are going to do another word challenge. Remember when we photographed the word silence? Well, this week we are going to do what I hope is an easy one. This week’s word is “Light”. You can interpret that however you want…as literally or as metaphorically as you choose. Make it as hard or as easy as you have the desire and/or capacity for. Just have fun with it!

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