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Kyrgyzstan Through the Seasons

Just released! My newest photography book.

Come and visit Kyrgyzstan through the photos of this 192 page book. You will see the stunning beauty of this small Central Asian country in each of the four seasons.

It is about 8x10 inches, horizontal orientation, softcover. 192 pages.

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Pancakes & Pickles

I wrote a children's book! :)

A young boy flips, skips and slips from place to place and country to country on a whimsical, adventure-filled birthday you won’t soon forget!

Pancakes & Pickles sparks in us the desire to boldly adventure into the magical world around us, where adventures, memories and new friends await!

It is a softcover book, about 9 inches square.

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Life on the Silk Road

Newly updated!
2nd Edition with 40 additional pages.

A visual exploration of life in Xinjiang, China. The book includes sections on People, Places, Moments and Details.

8x10, Softcover, vertical orientation, 196 pages.
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Colours of Bishkek

This book explores the city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan using colour as the tool. The book is divided into 10 sections, each a different colour.
This is an 8x10 softcover book, vertical orientation, with 148 pages.
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Creating Emotion Filled Photographs

21 Ideas to Guide You

Written during COVID lockdown, this is an educational photography book to help you on YOUR photography journey! Want to take more impactful photographs that have emotion and make you feel something? This book will help you. With 21 "lessons" and exercises that put each lesson into practice, and lots of example images, this book will help you create images that sing with emotion!
This is the digital version of this book.

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