telling Stories through emotion-filled Images

telling Stories through emotion-filled Images

“If it makes you laugh, if it makes you cry, if it rips out your heart, that’s a good picture.”

Let the Bones You Have Crushed Rejoice

A Journey from Suffering to Joy

This new work is different from anything I have ever done before! It is a book of 19 images , paired with Scripture verses that tell the story of my journey from suffering to joy. As I created it though, I realized it was not just my story, but the story of any person who has been through suffering, grief or trauma. It is my hope that this resource will walk with you through your journey and show you how God is with you on this journey, every step of the way.

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What I do

I do a mix of different work. I work on personal projects (like my book above), and I do work for NGO's or individuals doing charitable work who want photos about that work (see below, or the MY SERVICES page for more info on that), and other random things as they arise! I live in Central Asia, and am available to travel around the region (and beyond!)

Are you an NGO, a business or an individual making a charitable impact in Central Asia (or beyond)?

Do you wish you had a portfolio of beautiful images specifically related to the work you are pouring yourself into? Images that better connect your project with your supporters, your backers, your investors, your customers?

Did you know that images tell a story? Images help people feel like they are there with you. Like they know the people you are working with. Like they are truly a part of what you are doing.

Do you want to connect with people in a deeper, more meaningful way? Do you want your newsletters, your fundraising efforts to really impact people and elicit a response?

You need powerful, beautiful, impactful images.

You are making an impact. Let’s tell your story.


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I have a wide assortment of prints for sale here on my website. Click the button below to be taken to my "Collections" page. Once there, find "Print Collections". That is where you will find all the prints available for sale.

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Charlotte F.

“Breathtaking, mesmerizing, 'take me on a journey' photos.”

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