Contemplative photography that touches your soul

Contemplative photography that touches your soul

My vision for my work

As I progress through my career, I find I am more and more drawn to exploring where photography intersects with faith, beauty, and suffering. I believe that beauty is important in the world as it is a reflection of our Creator, and is part of His character. My faith definitely impacts my work and I love contemplating concepts and ideas through the lens of my camera. I have a heart for those who are suffering and love photographing projects that allow me to be a voice for those who are suffering in some way.

Suffering and brokenness are common themes in my work. This comes from my own life experiences and how I have been impacted by walking through suffering and brokenness, and seeing the beauty that has come about in my own life as a result of these hard journeys.

The way I do this work is largely through personal projects that explore the above ideas in different ways.

I also love photographing cultures, places and people, and I believe this will always be a part of what I do.

I also occasionally do commissioned work for organizations and/or individuals. You can read more about that here.

A lot of the work I create ends up in books, as I have a deep love for books! I love that a book allows for a collection of images that tell a larger story than just one or two images can, and it is a lasting form that leaves a legacy. You can see the books I have created so far on my "Books and Prints" page. Click the button below to check them out. (Including a new children's book I wrote, called Pancakes & Pickles! Read more about my writing on the new Deep Soul Writing page!)

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I have a wide assortment of prints for sale here on my website. Click the button below to be taken to my "Collections" page. Once there, find "Print Collections". That is where you will find all the prints available for sale.

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Charlotte F.

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