Well, this challenge didn’t end up anything like what I expected. I had a few ideas in mind, but wouldn’t you know it, the weather did NOT cooperate with my plans! I was picturing light dappled tree leaves at sunset, but…it has been cloudy for days! No sunshine. So then I thought I would take a picture of someone holding a candle. I took the photographs, but today, when I looked at them, it looked like the person holding the candle had no thumbs, and it was rather disturbing! So there went that plan! What was I going to do? It is now Friday, still no sun, and no photos! 

But then I was going through some photos I took yesterday. It rained hard yesterday, and I had fun playing with the raindrops on my windows, and experimenting with some different photo ideas. When I looked at the photos, there were a few that I realized would work well for this challenge on light. And as I looked at them, I realized they actually told exactly the story I wanted to tell! I had taken the photos I wanted without even knowing it! 

The story I wanted to tell with the hands and the candle was all about light in the darkness. And I realized that these raindrop photos were telling a similar story. A story about light after the storm. Light DURING the storm! That even when things seem hopeless and dark and stormy, there is light. There is hope. Everything may feel fuzzy and blurry…and yet, there is light shining on us. Maybe our eyes are closed and we don’t even see or feel it, but it is there. 

I believe that light is God. He is the one who gives us hope and shines His light on us. He is loving us even when we don’t feel it, when we don’t see it. He is there. Guiding, leading, waiting for us to open our eyes to His love. Even when it feels like all we are surrounded by is tears and raindrops.

Our Next Challenge: Change

I have decided, after some thought, and seeing how life is changing, and quarantine in some places is gradually lifting, or at least easing somewhat, to take this challenge down to one per week. I will give you a challenge today, and you will have until next Friday to work on it. Hopefully this will give more of you a chance to participate as well! Even if you have never posted, it is not too late, and you are more than welcome to jump in and join us! 

This week we are going to focus on another word. Change. Our lives are changing so much. The world is changing. Everything feels in a state of flux and re-adjustment. Work. Play. Travel. Almost every part of our lives is being changed in some way. And there is likely more to come yet. So how do you feel about this change? What is the biggest change for you? Do you welcome change, or do you feel confused and overwhelmed by it? (Neither is right or wrong…we all respond differently to things!) We may feel conflicting emotions about change…welcoming some changes, fearing others. So how will you photograph change? Either in your own life or in the world around you? 

#deepsoulphotochallenge, and you can post in Facebook or Instagram.

I look forward to seeing what you create!

I will still be posting a new interview on Monday, and there will be a new challenge next Friday. So I will see you soon!