Who are you quarantining with?

Is that a word? Quarantining? I think there are all sorts of new words that have entered our vocabulary in the past couple of months. Self-isolating, quarantine, coronavirus, lockdown, shelter-in-place, social distancing…words that meant nothing to us a few months ago are now commonplace in our speech. Amazing how quickly things can change!

But anyways, back to the challenge at hand! Photographing the people you are quarantining with. How did it go? Were your subjects co-operative? I know this can be a challenging time, with our family members (and ourselves!) not necessarily feeling the most co-operative! So if you didn’t manage to get any photos, we all understand! 

I am in quarantine with my husband, my two daughters, and our cat. I also have two sons, but they are both living in Canada at the moment.

I took a slightly different take on the challenge. I didn’t go for straight out portraits, but decided I wanted to photograph my family members slightly differently, from slightly different perspectives. Different light, different angles, but showing a bit of their life during quarantine. My husband here is eating breakfast. My daughter is checking her phone. My youngest daughter was doing her schoolwork when I lay down on the floor beside her to photograph her. :) And then my cat, who thinks she's a queen (don't all cats??!)

So here they are…

The Next challenge: A Word

I am going to be changing things up a bit next week…more details on that on Friday. But for now, here is your challenge for this week. I want you to photograph a word. Not actually photograph a word, but I am going to give you a word, and you will photograph what that word means or looks like to you…what it makes you feel or think or what you associate with that word. The word for this week is: silence. So think about how you can express that in a photograph. Does it have a positive connotation for you, or a negative one? What things do you associate with silence? Use these questions to guide you in figuring out how to photograph this word, this concept. Be as creative or abstract as you desire! Or literal. It’s totally up to you how you want to interpret this.

Post your photos with #deepsoulphotochallenge on Facebook or Instagram.

And don’t forget about the Quarantine Interview Series on my blog. The first interview is with David DuChemin, who is an amazing photographer, an author of many books about photography and creativity, and a workshop leader and podcaster. He is an amazing teacher and offers courses at various times throughout the year to those looking to improve and grow in their photography. He emphasizes the importance of having vision in your photography, having something to say, more than having great gear. 

So go check out my interview with him!  www.deepsoulphotography.com . You can see some samples of his work there as well!

Okay, that’s all for now. We’ll see you all on Friday!

Take care!