What are you looking at?!

Well, I am excited to see everyone’s views out of their windows! As I was writing this yesterday morning, I was thinking about how many people we know…people we see maybe once a week, or people we work with, but maybe don’t know super well, or people whose homes we have never been to. Or internet friends, who may live in places we have never been! How interesting to be able to see a little glimpse into each other’s lives. What do we all look out at every day? Where do we live? This will give us a little peek into each other’s lives. Help us see the world through each other’s eyes.

So here is my view. Or rather two views. I often work from my bedroom, sitting on my bed. We rent our apartment, and it is fully furnished, but unfortunately, there are no desks, other than in my girls’ rooms, so I end up working on my bed, and my husband works at the kitchen table. So my view is out of the two windows in my bedroom. I have two nice big windows in my bedroom, which I love. One looks straight out in front of me and one is to the side. This room gets the most light in our entire apartment, which is part of the reason why I love working here. I love light! It makes me happy. :) 

In past apartments, we have had beautiful views of the mountains, but this apartment doesn’t have that kind of view. There were a lot of other great features that sold us on it, but the views were not one of them, as you can see! We just look out at neighbouring apartment buildings, and a mosque that is kitty-corner to us (which also means we hear the call to prayer five times a day…loud and clear!) The other night I took some pictures with the lights on in the apartments across the way, as I thought that was quite pretty (as pretty as these old Soviet buildings get!). The next morning I woke to a winter wonderland!! And it just continued through the day. The snow kept getting thicker and thicker! Thankfully I know it won’t last long. It is supposed to be 21°C on Sunday!

So what is your view? What do you see everyday as you look out your window?

Challenge #6

Last night my husband asked me, “What is your second challenge going to be?” I said, “Second?! We are on the fifth!” Ha! He couldn’t believe we had already done so many! But that does bring up a good question. How are you finding the pace of the challenges? Are you finding two challenges a week too many? Should we reduce it to just one challenge each week, or keep it like it is? Let me know. I don’t want to overwhelm you, and cause you to want to quit. What are your thoughts? We can change things up if we need to! 

So, for now, I will give you another challenge. With it being Easter this weekend, I thought maybe we would work with that, rather than give you something else to do! What are you doing for Easter this weekend? Do you have any special traditions that you will still be able to do despite being quarantined? Are you forming any NEW traditions due to being stuck at home? What does Easter look like at your house? Show us!

Post your photos and stories on Instagram or Facebook, #deepsoulphotochallenge.

Thanks for journeying with me! I am always thrilled to see your photos and hear your thoughts and stories. Thanks for sharing them with us.