Did you have fun with this week’s challenge? Did you find some colour in your world? What I love the most about this challenge is putting the photos into a collage. I am always amazed at how taking a bunch of photos of random things, and putting them into a collage somehow makes them more beautiful! :) Did you find that?

I chose the colour white, which I guess you could argue isn’t really a colour, but after some debate (with myself!), it was the colour that most intrigued me. Sometimes the simple things are the hardest to photograph though! I also decided to play around and experiment, and try to take some less literal photographs, so I played with reflections and slow shutter speed and shadows, and came up with some images that I really liked! How about you? What did you try that you were pleasantly surprised by?

The Next challenge

Last week, we talked about what was being stripped away from us, and how we were potentially being changed through this whole pandemic experience…all the ways that our identities have been stripped, altered, or reinforced.

Well, this week, I want us to now dream and imagine who we want to be when this is all over. How do you want to be filled back up, or remade? Is there a new you inside that wants to come out? Are you heading in new directions because of all of this? Have you seen something inside of yourself that you either want to get rid of or want more of? Or both?? Explore this idea, and let’s see what you come up with!

As always, you can post on Facebook or Instagram using #deepsoulphotochallenge.

I look forward to seeing your photos!

Coming Soon!

AND…I have something very exciting coming up for you all! I have been working on a project behind the scenes, and it is still coming together, but it is coming SOON and I hope you are going to love it, and that it will inspire you! So stay tuned! If you want to be sure not to miss anything, sign up on my main blog page for the updates! That way you will be sure to be notified when the new project begins! :)

Lots of love to you all!