Are you bored? Do you need something to do while you are self-Isolating?

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog! And my new website! So many changes and new things. I am moving in some new directions with my photography...looking to expand my work with clients, and exploring some personal projects in ways I haven't before. So there is lots to be excited about!

And yet. In the midst of all my big plans, I, and the world, am stuck at home unable to go anywhere or do much of anything. It feels kind of frustrating. But at the same time, I am enjoying finding a new routine at home and digging into some new projects and learning opportunities.

For Christmas this past year, I asked for a year pass to CreativeLive is a website full of awesome classes for creatives. I have been loving learning all sorts of new things over the past few months! I think I have about four or five classes currently on the go, on all sorts of (mostly) photography related subjects. I love learning new things! And let's face it, there are always new things to learn. We never know everything about a subject. My latest find is a class on blogging. I have been loving it! There are so many good ideas in it! And it has gotten my creative juices flowing...

For the past year, I have toyed with the idea of putting together a class on contemplative photography, or something along those lines...integrating photography with exploring emotions, and story and faith. But I have been good at procrastinating and it has felt overwhelming at times, so it has not yet come together. But watching this blogging class got me thinking. What if I incorporated some of those ideas into a "Challenge" or course of some sort that people could do while stuck at home self-isolating or under quarantine? Hmmm...Interesting!

And so...we're going to try it! A photo challenge, or course, or whatever you want to call it. It's going to be a mix of contemplative ideas, using photography to explore the emotions we are feeling during this difficult time, as well as some more "technical" type challenges, and I will occasionally share some basic photography concepts and give tips on composition or lighting or other things that come up as we go along.

I hope this helps you have something fun and interesting to do, that it helps you look for the beauty around you, and that it brings a bit of joy to your life. We will also be exploring some of the harder emotions that we are all likely feeling as a result of this virus and the effects it is having on us and our lives. I know my life is being affected by it in some really hard ways, which I will maybe share as we go on. But I hope that as we use photography to explore some of these emotions, that it will help in even a small way to bring healing and hope.

So, How will it work?

  1. I will post a new challenge or assignment here twice a week...on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  2. We will work on the assignment, and when you have completed it, you can post it on Instagram with the hashtag #deepsoulphotochallenge, or on Facebook on my Deep Soul Photography page. Unfortunately, this page here doesn't allow comments, but if you have questions or comments, feel free to ask them on my Facebook page or on Instagram. I will be doing each challenge with you, and will post my finished work on all of the above platforms and here on this blog. I will post each new challenge on my Facebook page as well, so if you "like" and follow that page, you hopefully won't miss any new update.
  3. Check back each Tuesday and Friday for a new challenge or assignment. Also, see what others have posted on Facebook and Instagram! Let's encourage one another as we make our way through this difficult time!
  4. You are welcome to join for as much or as little as you wish. This is for help and encourage you! So if it feels overwhelming and too much, just do the challenges that interest you. And the best part is it's all free! :)

And we go! Challenge #1

Beauty in the mundane

We'll start with something relatively simple (I hope!)

There is so much beauty to be found all around us. But often we don't see it. We're in too much of a hurry, or we see it so often that we don't really see it anymore. So this challenge is going to be about learning to see, which is really what photography is all about.

If you are able, go for a walk (only if that is permissible where you are!!). If not, do this challenge at home, or in your yard. Look for mundane things that are beautiful. It could be anything! Maybe it is the light that makes something look special. Different times of day create different kinds of light, so watch throughout the day as the light changes. Maybe it is the angle you photograph it from.

This challenge is really all about being aware, about learning to really see the things around us. You might be amazed at what you find as you do this exercise!

I would suggest taking as many photographs as you can. Shoot different things in different types of light, in different ways. Then choose your favourite shot (or shots!) and post those.

I can't wait to see what you create! :)

With you in the isolation, and the search for beauty,