Hope. “A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen”. “A person or thing that may help or save someone”. “Grounds for believing something good may happen”.

These are all definitions I found for hope, because I wanted to know…what does the word really mean?   

And so…what is giving you hope these days? What is helping or saving you? What is giving you grounds for believing something good may happen? What is causing you to feel expectation and desire?

As I thought about this, there was the big answer…God. He is my ultimate hope, and reason for hope. Absolutely. It is not a trite answer, despite perhaps sounding like one. He is ultimately the ONLY reason I have hope…for anything. He is the one who helps and saves me. He is the One who gives me good gifts.

But in the smaller sense, what is bringing me hope? I think my answer is this: TIME. The passage of time. The fact that, with time, “this too shall pass”. With time, we will be able to leave our homes again. We will go back to work. We will see our friends and families again. We will get to experience the events we have planned for the future. And so for now, we wait. But with time, we will see an end to this.

As the sun sets, we see the passage of time...

The setting sun. Time keeps moving...

Challenge #5

What’s your View?

We’re going to keep it simple for this next challenge. I thought it would be interesting to see what we are all stuck looking at these days! What is the view you most commonly look at out your window? I realize most of us have multiple windows looking in multiple directions from our houses, but what view do you see most often? Which room in your house do you spend most of your time, and what view do you see from that room? Take a picture (or two if there a a couple of views you see most often) from that window (or windows). Let’s see what we are all looking at! I think this could be really fun and interesting to see what we are all looking at while we are stuck in our houses, unable to really go anywhere! Do you look out at a forest? Other houses? A wall? A freeway? Mountains? Is your view boring, or spectacular?! Show us your view!

As always, post on Instagram or Facebook, #deepsoulphotochallenge.

I can’t wait to see your view!