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Publications, Events, Links and Awards


June 2015 - Published my book, Life on the Silk Road.  You can purchase the book on  Follow this link to purchase:

December 2014 - Finalist in Shoot the Frame International Photography Contest in the Landscape division (Shoot the Land).


March 7-14, 2014  Participated in an Art Exhibit with other women artists and photographers.


June/July 2013 - Article "Traveling with Kids - The Impossible Dream?" and photos published in Travel Longer magazine, a magazine published for Apple devices (ipad, iphone, ipod).  Check out the Apple app store for more info.


May 2013 - Photo published in Travel Longer magazine


May 7, 2013 - Interview with International Guild of Visual Peacemakers


April 20, 2012 - Featured in article, Intentional Seeing, on International Guild for Visual Peacemakers website.