The Power of Music

Music is powerful, isn’t it? It has the power to take us back in time, to bring back memories and moments in our past like nothing else can. You listen to a song, and you remember exactly where you were or what was going on in your life when that song was popular. You are transported back to the year that that song was the soundtrack of your summer. Or you remember your boyfriend at the time. You remember where you were traveling. 

The song, “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 will always, in my mind, be associated with Turkey, because that song was on repeat in every cafe we visited on that trip. The song “The Unmaking” by Nichole Nordeman will forever, in my mind, be associated with a difficult but growing season in my life, when I had to leave where I was living, and move with my children to a different country for a year, separating our family for that time, while my husband had to stay in the country we left behind. It truly was a time of “unmaking”. 

Songs are powerful. Not only do they remind us of moments of time, but they have the power to heal us too. We hear lyrics that describe our life, that feel like they were written just for us, and we feel a glimmer of hope.  We connect with a lyric, and it changes us.

We are moved emotionally by powerful lyrics as well as powerful melodies.

Music connects us with other people, as we sing together, or at a concert. What more powerful feeling is there than singing with thousands of other people? It is an experience like no other! A glimpse of heaven.

And so. How did you find this challenge? What kind of song did you pick? An inspiring song? A sad song? A song that brings you joy? And what kinds of photographs did you make? How did the song inspire your photography?

The song I chose was “Comforter” by Amanda Lindsey Cook from her album “House on a Hill”. This album is incredibly powerful, emotive, evocative and atmospheric. It is an album that I have loved ever since it came out, and I don’t get sick of listening to it. It has spoken to me deeply. And so it was a good fit for this challenge! Because words like emotive and evocative and atmospheric are not just good words for songs, but for photographs too! 

So that is what I aspired to capture in my photographs. I wanted my photographs to feel emotive and evocative and atmospheric. And to capture a bit of the message of the lyrics as well. 

Here are some of the lyrics:

Where there are no words

And even breathing hurts

You’re my comforter

You won’t abandon me

You’re with me in the deep

And you won’t let me sink

This will be my great redemption

While I’ll weep, You set my feet to dancing…

If you can find it on Spotify or YouTube, give it a listen. Maybe listen to it while you look at my photographs.

The Next Challenge: 

A Life Giving Practice

I think we are all feeling kind of done with quarantine about now, hey? I know I am. I am an introvert, so for the most part, it hasn’t been too bad for me to be stuck at home. I have had lots to do, and have enjoyed creating lots of new things during this time. But I saw a quote on Facebook a few days ago, and it captured pretty well how I was feeling. It said, “I’m a homebody, but dang, I did like going one or two places!” Yep. That same day, before seeing that post, I had said to my husband and daughter, “I like you guys, but I’d like to see maybe one or two OTHER people!” 

So I was going to have us photograph what we are frustrated with, or "done" with, but I woke up this morning and realized that was not the route I wanted to go with this. I don’t want to focus on the negative. It only takes me further down. So we are going to do the opposite.

What is a practice, habit or hobby that has been life-giving or restorative for you during this time of quarantine? Something that has filled you up and given you joy? Or at the very least, kept you sane! (Cause, let’s be honest, some days, staying sane feels like an accomplishment!!) It might be something new you’ve started since quarantine began, or an old practice that you have continued. Or maybe something you used to do that you have begun again. Whatever it is, photograph it (or something representing it) and share it with us.

Show us your life-giving practice/habit/hobby…#deepsoulphotochallenge on Facebook or Instagram.

I look forward to seeing what has been helpful to you!