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Magical Light in a Field of Flowers

September 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have been enjoying going out at sunset lately to shoot.  The light is golden and magical and makes for gorgeous pictures.  So the past few nights, I have grabbed my camera, my scooter keys and headed out the door to chase the light and see what else I can find!

The first night I drove to some nearby fields, and the light was spectacular!  I was a bit late, so I just managed to catch a family leaving their fields for the night, but, oh, what a shot!  What light!

The next night, I drove around for awhile and wasn’t finding much until I came out into an opening and immediately knew that this was where I was going to shoot!  There were fields all around, on either side of the road, the light was falling golden all around, and people were working in their fields, or sitting under umbrellas placed out in the fields to provide shelter from the punishing sunshine during the days.  It was amazing!  I saw a family working in a small patch of flowers, and so I approached them and asked if I could photograph.  They agreed and I started shooting.

There is a kind of tea here that is made from dried flowers.  I’m not much of a gardener, so I’m not sure what kind of flowers these are…maybe someone can enlighten me.  But this family was picking the flowers which they would later dry, and it would then be used for tea.  These flowers are being harvested all around right now, and I was thrilled to get to photograph this family as they worked.  I even joined in and helped pick for awhile!

This family was super friendly and had a real sense of camaraderie and laughter about them.  The young boy in particular was a real character!  They seemed to really enjoy one another.  And I got some gorgeous portraits of their daughter, in fields of flowers…

Here are some of my favourite images from the past few nights…


I’m always a sucker for a scooter or a bicycle just sitting there.  They just call out to me to be photographed!  Especially in light this beautiful!


An umbrella set out in a field to provide shade and shelter to those working there during the hours of fierce sunlight.


A family leaves their field bathed in the warm glow of the sun.


Golden light reflected in the waters of the river.


A man walks beside the river at sunset.

And on the second evening…


Women sit under their umbrella as their friends and family finish work in the fields.


A young girl works in a field of flowers.  Their family umbrella is seen on the right.


This cutie was a little shy, and took a little while to warm up to me.  But she had the sweetest smile…


They thought it was pretty funny to have a foreigner taking their photograph!


The flowers.


I love how pretty this is.  The picked flowers sit in a scarf on the ground.  Lovely!


The dad works gently watering his crop.


Mom has a great smile!


This little guy was just warming up to me, but once he got used to me, he was a real card (as you’ll see…).


The sun diffused thru the umbrella.


What a great laugh!  Love this shot!  (He was used to me now! :))


He was quite a character!


Here’s the shy little cutie…still not quite sure about me…


But so pretty!


This little girl had such sad eyes, I thought.


Mom and daughter work together surrounded by a profusion of colour.


Love this portrait!


Bright blue, bright yellow…lovely!

2015-09-07_0024 Here’s my little buddy again…being mischievous! :)  As I left, he came out to the road and gave me another one of his mischievous smiles….what a fun time!  It’s evenings like this that remind me why I like living here…


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