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Summer Meanderings

August 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I am so sorry for the long absence!  It has been many months since I blogged.  I had unrelenting computer issues for many months, which made it extremely difficult for me to access my blog.  Then in June, we left to return to Canada for two months, and our time home was wonderful and rich, but insanely busy, and left no time for blogging.  We have now returned to Central Asia, my computer issues have been resolved, and so, here I am!  Ready to get back into blogging for you all. :)

I’m not sure where to even START here.  It has been so long, and despite an absence from the blogging world, I WAS still photographing!  And so there are a LOT of photographs I have not shared with you all.  I am not going to go back and share them all with you, but if you are interested, I have been posting on Instagram, and so you can see a lot of photos from the last six months or so on there.  Just search “deepsoulphotography”.  That’s my name on Instagram.

But today, I thought I WOULD share my favourite photos from our summer adventures.  We were spoiled rotten, and had some wonderful times in Canada, plus en route we were able to spend some time in Kyrgyzstan, England and Istanbul, and so I will share some of those photos as well.

So here we go…on to the photos!


Most of our time in this place was just traveling through, so I didn’t get to photograph here as much as I would have liked.  Up in the mountains, you find sweeping plateaus of green grass, with the occasional yurt or shipping container that has been turned into a house, herds of sheep, horses and cows, and the occasional man on horseback.  It is incredible, and someday I hope to have more time to spend up in the mountain lands of this place.

08 15 2015 Opalhike-9-Edit-Edit

06 02 2015 Kyrgystan-1-Edit

06 02 2015 Kyrgystan-11


Ah….land of castles, ancient cathedrals, rolling green hills and the sea…Again, our time here was not nearly long enough, but it gave us a small taste for the wonders of this place and our hearts were captured.










Our home and native land.  It was good to be back home after two years away, and we packed in as much good stuff as we could! :)  Time at the cottage, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, kayaking, paintballing, going to camp, lasertag, time with friends and family, watching Les Miserables at Rainbow Stage (an outdoor theatre…it was amazing!!), and then just the simple pleasures of taking a walk down a country road, watching the sun set over the river, fishing off the dock, and seeing a summer storm sweep its way across the canola fields…










Our last stop before getting back “home” to Central Asia.  Due to some overbooking of flights, we unexpectedly had three days in this beautiful city!  We took full advantage of it and enjoyed our time here, just hanging out and relaxing.  We didn’t really do any sightseeing, but just enjoyed some time as a family.  But I did get a few photographs…




So I hope you enjoyed our tour of the world! :)  We sure did.  We know we are blessed to be able to see all of these amazing places and to get to experience life in so many different places.  I think we are richer for it…not monetarily, but character-wise.  Travel changes you and you learn to see things in a different way as a result.  I know I am a different person than I was five years ago, before moving overseas.  And I think that’s a good thing.


Stay tuned, because I have some exciting news I want to share with you all…but we’ll save that for next time! :)


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