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Winter Bazaar

December 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The weather has been cold here lately!  Colder than normal, it seems.  We’ve also had a lot more snow than usual (although that’s not saying a lot, cause a lot of snow for here is still only, like, 2 mm!!)

Despite the cold weather, I really wanted to go to the bazaar yesterday.  I had not been to this bazaar before, as bazaar day is Monday, and it is not usually convenient for me to go.  But this week, we are taking some holiday time, which means I got to go to the Monday Bazaar!  But it WAS chilly!  As you’ll see in the photos, people were huddled around their fires, warming their hands, and were all bundled up.  It’s not easy sitting outside all day in the middle of winter!  I was amazed at the number of people without mitts or gloves on too.  My hands were cold even with my mitts on!

I love going to the bazaar though.  It is always a hive of activity, people bustling around, buying their needed supplies for the week.  There’s the vegetable and fruit section, the clothing section, the shoe section, the animal section, the metal working section, the outdoor barber…you name it, they’ve got it at the bazaar!  It’s so fun wandering around and seeing it all.

Yesterday I was there at the end of the day, so many people were beginning to close up shop for the day.  Counting out their earnings from the day, discussing sales with a partner, making last minute sales.  Never a dull moment!

Here are some of my shots from the day:


An overview of the fruit and vegetable section of the bazaar.  Do you remember those “Where’s Waldo” books?  This photo reminds me of that!  So much going on here!


This was the “restaurant” and food stall section, as you can tell from all the smoke and steam in the air.


These were duck kebabs!  I had never seen duck kebabs before!  I didn’t try any, although they did look really good!


Warming up over the kebab coals!  I loved this little outdoor restaurant…you can see the tables in the background with a tv even!  Not sure it was the right kind of day for an outdoor meal, but who knows?!  They had at least one customer, as you can see in the background.


The tea and medicine seller.  He takes a bit of this, a bit of that, puts it into the paper in his hand, then funnels it into his handy dandy spice grinder, and voila!  You have either tea or medicine!


Here you can see some of his eclectic wares…everything from cumin, turmeric, saffron, tea leaves, snake skins, and lots of other unrecognizable things!


Do you need some fat??  These guys were selling sheep fat.  It is the main fat used here…for cooking and even baking.  Women will buy the fat and melt it down to use in cooking.  They also chop it up and add it to food, as it adds flavour.  I find it hard to stomach though, having been raised in the West, where you remove every bit of fat from your food!


I love this!  This lady and her newly bought sheep were stopped for a glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.


The pomegranate juice man.  The pomegranate goes into the circular part at the bottom of the contraption that he’s holding and then he turns the handle and the pomegranate gets smushed into juice.  I had a glass and it was really tasty!  Sometimes it is quite sour, but this stuff was nice and sweet.


A big smile!


A man enjoys a glass of pomegranate juice.


Pouring the freshly squeezed juice into bottles to sell.


Three buddies were stopped in front of a little fire to warm up and have a chat.


A friendly man poses for a photo.




The carpet section.  Red seems to be the theme here.


Discussing sales from the day.


And exchanging cash.


Such an interesting spot!


Strands of garlic hang waiting to be sold while a couple of young men warm up at a fire behind.


This woman was counting her money after a busy day of sales.  She said business had been good that day.


I love these long braids of garlic, and have bought them a few times.  This was the garlic seller section of the bazaar and this man very patiently posed for me for awhile.


A garlic still life. :)


Another garlic seller waits for a few last customers.


This guy was hilarious!  I was crouched down, photographing the garlic seller when all of a sudden, this guy’s head was in my frame!  I thankfully quickly clicked my shutter (although he is blurry) but I love it!  Photobombed by an old man at the bazaar!  LOL!


He then posed for an actual portrait. :)


Need a pot?


This was the biggest hand woven basket I had ever seen!  (In the women’s lingerie section!).


A couple of water jugs sit abandoned after a busy market day.


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