Minimalist Mountains

April 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Last weekend, my daughter and I and a couple of friends decided to head up into the mountains (a 6+ hour drive, depending on the weather and the condition of the road) for a little getaway.  We had visited this place last summer, and I had not been able to get as many portraits of the beautiful people who live there as I had wanted, so I was eager to return and photograph the people once again!  Well, as is often the case, you need to learn to be flexible!  I did get some great portraits, but ironically, they are not my favourite photos of the trip. 

On the way home, as we headed down the mountains, we drove straight into a snow storm of sorts.  The road became icier and icier as we continued.  When we reached the highest point of the road, we saw semi trucks pulled over to the side of the road, waiting it out.  That was a little nerve wracking!  Our driver pulled over and we sat there contemplating what we should do.  Should we continue?  Should we turn back?  Could we even turn back on the narrow road??  As we sat, we watched as the semi in front of us pulled out to head down the mountain, and as he did so, his back end swung out to the side, completely perpendicular to the road!  Our hearts were in our throats...worried for the driver, but also the implications for ourselves!  Thankfully, he pulled himself straight, and began a slow descent down the mountain.   Shortly after, we decided to follow, as we saw him safely navigating the road.  We had an amazing driver who was very cautious and experienced, and so we put our trust in him and off we went.  Thankfully, we made it down the mountain.  The road continued to be icy and snow covered for another hour or more, but as we eventually descended low enough, the snow turned to rain, and the road was much safer.  Our hearts moved back down to our chests from our throats. 

But, as they often say in photography, bad weather makes the best photographs, and I have to say that it is true!  My favourite photographs from our weekend were taken on that drive home.  The sky was completely white, and the mountains hidden behind the clouds and mist.  Gradually, the mountains emerged from the white, showing just their rims and tips.  It made for a completely mesmerizing, yet minimalist landscape, and I loved it! 

Here are some of my favourites from the drive down the mountain...



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