deep soul photography: Blog en-us (C) deep soul photography (deep soul photography) Fri, 28 Oct 2016 10:07:00 GMT Fri, 28 Oct 2016 10:07:00 GMT deep soul photography: Blog 80 120 Hiking a Cross between the Moon and Mars! This past weekend, we had some visitors, so we decided to take them to one of our favourite hiking spots.  We love hiking and there are so many great spots near where we live, and they are all so diverse!  One of our favourite places has amazing red rock, although if you drive another five minutes past, the red rock ends, and you end up in a completely different type of mountain rock and topography!  It is incredible. 

So we hiked up a trail we've hiked before, but this time we went further than we've ever gone before.  We ended up at this towering wall of red rock that looked like a cross between the moon and Mars!  It was red rock (Mars) but covered in these small holes all the way up (Moon), that made perfect hand and footholds for climbing!  It was so beautiful and totally unique!!  Our boys of course had to climb it, although it was steep!  Coming down ended up being scarier than going up, with some overhangs that made it difficult to see where your feet should go.  Thankfully everyone made it down safely.  It was an amazing climax to an awesome hike!

Here are the photos.  It was such a picturesque spot and I was thrilled to get some good shots of the boys climbing...

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Winter Wonderland It doesn’t snow very often here in the desert.  We may be lucky to get a few light snowfalls a year, just a few millimeters each, and lasting only a day or two before melting (or just evaporating!) away.  But this past week has been a different story!  We had almost non-stop snow for about three days straight.  Nice big, heavy, wet flakes of snow creating a winter wonderland!  It was beautiful, and I was reminded why people like snow! :)  (I am not a huge snow lover…mostly because I don’t like the cold that goes along with it!  I’m from the Canadian prairies, where cold is a given when there’s snow around!  Really, really cold!!  But there are times when snow wins my heart, and this was one of those times!)

Anyways, the snow provided some great opportunities to take photos that I normally don’t get a chance to take, creating scenes that we often don’t see in this part of the world!  I think these may be “once in about five years” kind of pictures!  But we’ll see!  Maybe next winter will prove me wrong! :)


Life must go on!  These ladies were trudging through the snow, carrying their bundles…off to I don’t know where, but they seemed to have a long walk ahead of them!


What kids don’t love to play in the snow??  Even big kids!  Especially when snow doesn’t come around very often (or stay very long)!


No sleds around here, so improvisation is called for!  It works.  Sort of. :)


Tracks through the snow…


When I saw my first donkey cart driving through the snow, I knew that I had to get a picture!  This was going to be the shot of the day, I thought!  I didn’t get a good shot of the first donkey cart we saw, so after that, we were on a mission!  To find the best donkey cart, in the best scenic spot!  These people made for a great shot, on their donkey…


Driving past…(Donkeys really can be quite cute, don’t you think?)


After driving some more, we found this path through the snow, which made for a lovely backdrop for this donkey cart driving away from us.


But then we found this spot!  And lo and behold, a donkey cart came driving towards us!!  Perfect!  I got a few great shots…


This one is my favourite of the day.  Beautiful scenery, a donkey cart in the perfect spot, great angle…love it! :)


Getting closer…


And a quick look at the driver before she was gone.  She was a fascinating looking girl, with her face covered in what looked like soot.  She reminded me of a character from a fairytale…Cinderella perhaps, before her life becomes a fairytale?  The scenery was like it was from a fairytale as well, so who knows?  Maybe somewhere along the way, we really did enter a magical world!

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2015 A Year in Review Yes, I realize it is almost the end of January.  But if your December was anything like most people’s (at least in the Western world), it was likely crazy full, extremely busy, with not a lot of time for things like looking at photographs!  So here we are in the depths of winter, holed up in our (hopefully) warm and cozy houses, maybe with a case of the winter blues.  So what better time to do a review of the last year, and choose some favourite photos from the year!

Last year was a great year.  We got to go home to Canada in the summer, and had a wonderful time visiting friends and family and doing lots of fun things (our kids especially)…wakeboarding, camp, a wedding, a funeral (not so fun, but we did get to see lots of family that we wouldn’t have gotten to see otherwise, so a bit of a silver lining on a sad event), paintballing, swimming, time at a cottage on the lake, lots of good food, and tons of fun times with grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends!  It was a real highlight of our year.

On our way home to Canada, we got to stop over in England for close to a week and had a wonderful time there, staying with some friends, meeting up with other friends we hadn’t seen in about 20 years(!) and doing some sightseeing around the English seaside.  It was a lovely little segway into our Canada time.

Then on the way home after our time in Canada, we had a bit of an adventure in Turkey!  When my husband booked our tickets, he accidentally put the wrong date on the last leg of flights, which meant we had a 28 hour layover in the Istanbul airport instead of only 5 hours!!  Not so nice!  But what’s the problem, you say?  Why not just go stay in a hotel for the night?  Great idea, but unfortunately the cost for a visa for a Canadian is about $60 US.  Considering our family consists of 6 people, this was a steep charge just to leave the airport!  Long story short, just before we left Canada to return home to Central Asia, we unexpectedly received a large sum of money, and so we were able to use this money to pay for the visas and a hotel room for the night!  Yay!  No sleeping (or not!) on airport benches!!

So we had a lovely time in Istanbul that day…visiting the seaside, walking around, just enjoying ourselves, and then that night we returned to the airport for our flight onwards.  We got there on time, and stood in line to check in.  When we finally got to the counter, the check in attendant looked at our flight and said she was very sorry but all the seats were already taken and we would not be able to get on the flight!  What?!  We had had these tickets booked for months!  How could this be??  She took us to the booking office for the airline where they explained, that yes, the flight was overbooked, and all the seats had already been alotted, and there was no way we, as a family of six, would be getting on.  We were a little shocked, and not too terribly happy, as we knew the flight we were getting on only ran two or three times per week, so what were we going to do?  He then explained that, as this was the airline’s fault, they would put us up in a hotel for the next three nights until the next flight, along with a shuttle to and from the hotel, all of our meals paid for and extra compensation for our trouble.  Would that be satisfactory?  We were amazed!  We gladly accepted and proceeded to a beautiful hotel where we got to have an extra 3 days holiday!  What an unexpected gift!

So our trip home extended a little longer than expected, but we were not complaining!  It was an adventure, that’s for sure, but we were so blessed.

We finally made it home, after a bit more of an adventure after our last flight and another two days stopover in a last location before we were finally able to make it home.  Life is never dull!! :)

So, on to the photos!  We’ve got a good variety this year, with all those travels! :)  And there will be more stories to go along with the photos.  So keep reading…

03 05 2015 Lantern Festival-44-2

I love this photo.  I love the black background and the beautiful light coming from the lantern, and of course the expressions of joy on the father and daughter’s faces.

06 07 2015 Southbourne-24This is part of a series of 3 images (see below for the others) of a boat I found on the seaside in England, on a walk I took.  I love the colours and texture and the abstract quality of the photos that makes you wonder what exactly you are looking at.  I think they are my favourite pictures from our England time.

06 07 2015 Southbourne-27


06 07 2015 Southbourne-30


06 08 2015 PortchesterCastle-127Another photo from our time in England.  I think one of the things that struck me while we were there was how intensely green everything was.  Just this gorgeous, rich, lush green.  This photo encapsulates that for me.

06 09 2015 Chichester-33Candles in a cathedral.  A contemplative photograph.


06 29 2015 Prairies-28The view from a house we stayed in during our time home in Canada.  This particular late afternoon, I had gone down to the river, and the light was just incredible, hitting and reflecting golden off the river.  I ran back to get my camera ’cause it was just too good to not photograph!

07 23 2015 Kenoracabin-30-2

My son on one of the fun adventures he got to have in Canada.  We were staying at my brother and sister in law’s cottage for a few days, and they had a kayak, so my son wanted to give it a try, having never done it before.  It was early morning, the light was beautiful, and so I leaned over off the dock, with my camera almost in the water, and got this shot.  It now hangs on the wall in my boys’ bedroom!

07 23 2015 Kenoracabin-74

On the dock, late at night.  It was about 11:00, but in Canada in the summer, the sun doesn’t set until after 10, so the sun’s glow was still visible in the sky.  My son stands on the dock, enjoying the moment.

07 23 2015 Kenoracabin-116Boats, docks, trees and their reflections.


07 23 2015 Kenoracabin-182

My other son, fishing.  I LOVE the light and shadow in this shot, and how my son just happened to be standing in a pool of light.  Lovely!  Another one that now hangs in my sons’ bedroom. :)

07 30 2015 Istanbul-10More boats.  This time in Turkey.

09 05 2015 chaiflowers-17Back in Central Asia.  A girl picks flowers that will later be dried and used for tea.  The light was golden, and she was so lovely, surrounded by flowers and framed with their large umbrella, that provided some shelter and shade from the intense late summer sun.

09 12 2015 HikingAtux-44-EditThis to me is a perfect picture of the mountains of Central Asia.  They ARE very diverse, so maybe that’s not true, but often the landscape is moon-like…like from a different world.  I love the undulations of the earth in this picture…how the land ripples and swirls…with the large rock in the foreground giving perspective, and the 3 small rocks that look like they are moving across the surface of the land adding a bit of whimsy!

09 24 2015 Korban-106

I saw this little boy at a major festival.  He was all dressed up for the special occasion, but it was his eyes that captivated me…

10 07 2015 TVShow-166

Bright and bold colours.

10 16 2015 Shutterspeed-23

This woman giggled like crazy as I took her picture.  She was so cute! :)

10 16 2015 Shutterspeed-60

There is something about this photograph that reminds me of a painting.  Maybe it’s the softness to it, the gently out of focus background, the expression on her face…I’m not sure, but whatever it is, I like it!

10 16 2015 Shutterspeed-145

My son is learning photography this year, and when he was learning about shutter speed we went out one night on a field trip.  We had so much fun experimenting with our shutterspeeds, and the city lights.  We came up with some pretty abstract, fun results!

10 16 2015 Shutterspeed-162


10 20 2015 Sunset Drive-7

My daughter and I visited this woman in her home, and I asked if I could photograph her.  The light was soft and beautiful, and she was lovely.  She agreed, and this is the result.

10 20 2015 Sunset Drive-46

If I had to name a theme for me this past year, photographically, it would be light.  Finding dramatic and beautiful light.  And in this photograph, I found it.  This woman came around the corner with her sheep just as I saw this shaft of light shining just where she was going to be walking.  I waited, and as she passed through it, I pressed the shutter.  The light was golden, as it was early fall, and it was the perfect time of day (late afternoon).  It all came together for a beautiful photograph.

10 20 2015 Sunset Drive-48

The same shepherdess, just a little further up the road.  This time the light created an amazing pattern of light and shadow on the tree lined road.  I love both of these photos!

10 20 2015 Sunset Drive-121-2

A golden sunset casts shafts of light through the trees.  Magical!

10 28 2015 EasterIslandKaren-75

This little girl had attitude to spare!  Her pose says it all!

11 20 2015 OldCityJoy-79

My beautiful friend, who is a very talented artist.  She was visiting for the weekend, so we went out to take photographs together.  I got to take a few photographs of her, and this was my favourite.  It perfectly captures who she is…her beautiful, gentle, sweet self.

11 22 2015 VIllageJoy-16

This woman was out raking leaves outside of her home, and the light falling on her, half hiding her was perfect.  I love the fact that she is part in light, part in shadow, and the lights dancing on the wall behind her.


I love it when I come across a humourous situation and can photograph it.  I love how this guy’s head is as white as white can be, while the rest of his body is tanned dark brown.  Men rarely take their “dopa”‘s off, so their heads rarely see the light of day!


I love the swirl and dance of the clouds in this photo.  It’s just magical and whimsical.


2016-01-24_0021Another funny moment.  I just love the look on this little guy’s face.  I’m not sure if he had dropped something, or what exactly had happened, but the look on his face is priceless.  And the look on the other guy’s face is almost as good.  He seems to be enjoying his friend (or brother?)’s misfortune.  Too cute!


This one is kind of simple, but it’s the way it makes me feel that I love.  It speaks of freedom, abandon, joy, and trust.  At least to me. :)


On the way home from a trip up to the mountains we came upon this scene…camels, towering mountains shrouded in mist…perfect!


On the same trip.  On our way down the mountains we got caught in the end of a freak spring snowstorm.  It was probably one of the scariest moments of the year…there were moments I wasn’t sure we’d make it home alive, the roads were so bad.  But as we made our way down the mountain, the snow stopped, and the clouds gradually began to lift, leaving just the outlines of the mountains hidden behind them.  It was magical.  They were like pencil drawings drawn in the sky…




Pure simplicity.  Minimalism and purity.



What a face!



This guy had the most beautiful smile.  So friendly and warm.  He was participating in a Central Asian game played on horseback.  A sheep hide is carried by the players down the field, while they are on horseback, while the other team is trying to steal it out of their hands so they can take the hide to their goal.  It is fast and dangerous, but so fun!!


This guy was full of mischief!  He had this crazy hat on his head, a piece of styrofoam around his neck, and what a look in his eyes!!


This photo is just so funny.  An outdoor barber who looks bored to tears, the next customer waiting, and a donkey in the background!  A donkey??  Hmmmm…


A slice of life in Central Asia.  So much to see in this photo.  It’s a feast for the eyes, just seeing all that is going on.  And the colour palette is lovely too.


A Central Asian bazaar’s parking lot.  Scooters, 3 wheeled carts and donkey carts!  And donkeys of course!


This guy was too cool, sitting at the bazaar, selling his goods.  I love how it all surrounds him, and just frames him perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed this trip through my year, and my photographs.  It was fun going through them all and telling the stories that go along with so many of them!

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Tree Lined Roads and Magical Light One of the things that I love most about where we live is the trees.  Specifically the way almost all the roads (in the countryside especially) are lined with tall, stately poplars.  They are spectacular in any season, but they especially shine in the fall.  The leaves turn golden, the light is golden, and this makes for magic!

Last year we bought a scooter, which has allowed me to get out and explore all sorts of places, but unfortunately, it was too late to capture all the fall beauty.  So this fall, I have been loving getting out and driving around, getting lost, and just wandering around, finding magical places!

Here are some of my favourite places and moments from this fall so far…


A woman drives her cart down a spectacular tree lined road.  I found this road a week or so ago, and instantly fell in love!  It is just so beautiful.


This little guy was so cute sitting there, looking like he was ready to go for a drive!  And I love the glowing light and shadows beside and behind him.


When I saw this beam of light, and then saw this shepherdess coming with her flock of sheep, I knew this was a moment I had to capture!  Absolute magic!!


And I love the drama of the shadows across the road.


Darkness and light.  Mystery.  Drama.


A perfect autumn scene.


I found this road when I was out driving around a few days ago.  I got completely lost, so I don’t know that I’ll ever find this place again, but it was lovely.  It was so quiet.  I sat there for almost 10 minutes, and only 3 or 4 scooters went past, which is very unusual.  It was lovely to just sit there in the silence, with these massive trees towering above me, soaking it all in.


A boy, on his way home from school, comes walking around the corner.

2015-11-01_0009 Wow.  Such drama.  Such mystery.  Darkness, with hints of light, and then…the light at the end of the tunnel.  Lots of symbolism for life in this picture.  So often we feel like we’re walking through darkness, don’t we?  With just bits of light shining in once in a while.  And then, finally, we see the light at the end of the tunnel…

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Visiting with Farmers I was out exploring again, camera in hand, when I came upon some farmers working in their field.  It looked like an interesting situation, but I felt a little shy, so kept going and didn’t stop.  After driving a bit further, I stopped, and realized I really did want to talk to those people in the field after all!  So I turned around and went back.  It is always a little nerve-wracking approaching new people with your camera…not knowing if they are going to welcome you or be stand-offish, or even hostile.  But this day, I need not have worried!

As I approached, they were looking at me and laughing with each other in a  self-conscious, “do you think she’s coming to take our picture??” kind of way.  As I got closer, I started talking to them and they warmly welcomed me, showing me what they were doing, telling me about their crops.  The man was cutting cilantro, and the woman was harvesting spinach.  An older woman was sitting, just visiting with them as they worked.  I visited with them for awhile, and then began to photograph them.

Here are the results:

10 16 2015 Shutterspeed-23

This woman was giggling like a little girl.  I can’t remember why exactly.  Whether it was over the fact I was taking her picture, or if it was when she told me she had seven children.  Either way, she found something pretty amusing!  And she was terribly funny!

10 16 2015 Shutterspeed-29

A more serious pose.

10 16 2015 Shutterspeed-31

A spinach farmer.  She was cutting the spinach…harvesting it for market.  She was a beautiful woman, but shy about having her photo taken.  She did amuse me for awhile, and let me get a few shots…

10 16 2015 Shutterspeed-33-Edit

The wooden frame in the foreground is usually covered with fabric and is used particularly in the summer for shade, as it gets incredibly hot here.

10 16 2015 Shutterspeed-37

This man was so joyful, and had the best laugh!  He roared with laughter as I photographed him.  I love this photo!

10 16 2015 Shutterspeed-39

Still smiling!

10 16 2015 Shutterspeed-54

Taking a break from cutting spinach.

10 16 2015 Shutterspeed-58

A close up.  She had the most beautiful eyes.  She let me take this shot and one more, and then said “that was enough”.  Not in an angry or annoyed way, just kind of like, “how could you possibly want to take so many photos of ME?”.

As I left, they bundled up a huge bunch of spinach and a huge bunch of cilantro for me to take home.  So generous!  What a great memory of these wonderful people.  They also asked if I could give them copies of the photos, and I said, “Of course!”.

I got the photos developed, and a few days later returned to give them the photos.  I found the older lady walking down the street and stopped to tell her I had her and her friends’ photos.  She looked at the photos happily and invited us to her home for tea.  We accepted, at her insistence, and had a lovely visit.  She told us about her family…her seven children, 24 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren!  She lives with some of her children, but is often alone during the days, as her children are hard at work on the farm, and her grandchildren are at school.  She is often lonely.  She invited us back any time for another visit.

10 20 2015 Sunset Drive-1

Here she is getting the tea ready to serve us.  She was anxious to serve us well, and got out naan, grapes, and oranges for us to eat.  Hospitality is hugely important in this culture, and is not just a responsibility, but a joy and privilege.  They love hosting, and feel honoured to having guests in their home.

10 20 2015 Sunset Drive-7

A lovely indoor portrait of a lovely woman.

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Drama I love photos with drama.  Dramatic light.  Photos that make you go, “wow!”.  So that is something I always aspire to in my photos.  Not every photo, of course.  Because not every photo is meant to be a “wow!” photo…sometimes understated is perfect and lovely in it’s own right.  But this weekend, I took some photos that, for me, are “wow!” photos. :)  (Can I say that about my own photos?!)

Our family went hiking and we got a later start than we had initially planned, but that was fine with me, because I knew that later in the afternoon, the light would be more suitable.  And sure enough, as the afternoon went by, the sun got lower in the sky, and the shadows got deeper.  Shadows on mountains are wonderful things.  They bring out the texture and the folds in the mountains.  Flat light doesn’t do much for mountains.  We were in a great spot, with some super cool rocky outcroppings, sand dunes, and mountains with amazing striations, and even holes in them!  It felt like we were on another planet, really!  And it made for some amazing photos…

For today, I’m just going to show you a few.  I may post some different ones another day.  But these were some of my favourites in black and white…








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Magical Light in a Field of Flowers I have been enjoying going out at sunset lately to shoot.  The light is golden and magical and makes for gorgeous pictures.  So the past few nights, I have grabbed my camera, my scooter keys and headed out the door to chase the light and see what else I can find!

The first night I drove to some nearby fields, and the light was spectacular!  I was a bit late, so I just managed to catch a family leaving their fields for the night, but, oh, what a shot!  What light!

The next night, I drove around for awhile and wasn’t finding much until I came out into an opening and immediately knew that this was where I was going to shoot!  There were fields all around, on either side of the road, the light was falling golden all around, and people were working in their fields, or sitting under umbrellas placed out in the fields to provide shelter from the punishing sunshine during the days.  It was amazing!  I saw a family working in a small patch of flowers, and so I approached them and asked if I could photograph.  They agreed and I started shooting.

There is a kind of tea here that is made from dried flowers.  I’m not much of a gardener, so I’m not sure what kind of flowers these are…maybe someone can enlighten me.  But this family was picking the flowers which they would later dry, and it would then be used for tea.  These flowers are being harvested all around right now, and I was thrilled to get to photograph this family as they worked.  I even joined in and helped pick for awhile!

This family was super friendly and had a real sense of camaraderie and laughter about them.  The young boy in particular was a real character!  They seemed to really enjoy one another.  And I got some gorgeous portraits of their daughter, in fields of flowers…

Here are some of my favourite images from the past few nights…


I’m always a sucker for a scooter or a bicycle just sitting there.  They just call out to me to be photographed!  Especially in light this beautiful!


An umbrella set out in a field to provide shade and shelter to those working there during the hours of fierce sunlight.


A family leaves their field bathed in the warm glow of the sun.


Golden light reflected in the waters of the river.


A man walks beside the river at sunset.

And on the second evening…


Women sit under their umbrella as their friends and family finish work in the fields.


A young girl works in a field of flowers.  Their family umbrella is seen on the right.


This cutie was a little shy, and took a little while to warm up to me.  But she had the sweetest smile…


They thought it was pretty funny to have a foreigner taking their photograph!


The flowers.


I love how pretty this is.  The picked flowers sit in a scarf on the ground.  Lovely!


The dad works gently watering his crop.


Mom has a great smile!


This little guy was just warming up to me, but once he got used to me, he was a real card (as you’ll see…).


The sun diffused thru the umbrella.


What a great laugh!  Love this shot!  (He was used to me now! :))


He was quite a character!


Here’s the shy little cutie…still not quite sure about me…


But so pretty!


This little girl had such sad eyes, I thought.


Mom and daughter work together surrounded by a profusion of colour.


Love this portrait!


Bright blue, bright yellow…lovely!

2015-09-07_0024 Here’s my little buddy again…being mischievous! :)  As I left, he came out to the road and gave me another one of his mischievous smiles….what a fun time!  It’s evenings like this that remind me why I like living here…

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Announcing…My Book! Before we went home to Canada in June, I was working on a big project.  A very exciting project.  I was putting together a book!  It was a labour of love…a chance to get to share my photos with more people.  So often I feel like my photos just sit on my computer and not many people get to see them.  I want to share my work!  I want people to see the beauty of the place where I live and the amazing people who live here.  And so I decided to create a book of my work from the past two years.

It is called Life on the Silk Road, and I am really proud of it!  (Can I say that?!) :)

It is a softcover book, over 170 pages long with 162 or so different images included.

It covers People, Places, Moments and Details.

Here is a taste…









The book is available at  The link is:

or you can click on the link below the following photo:


I am just so thrilled to get to share my work with you and to share my love for this beautiful place where I get to live.  I hope you love the book!!  Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments section and I will be sure to answer.

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Summer Meanderings I am so sorry for the long absence!  It has been many months since I blogged.  I had unrelenting computer issues for many months, which made it extremely difficult for me to access my blog.  Then in June, we left to return to Canada for two months, and our time home was wonderful and rich, but insanely busy, and left no time for blogging.  We have now returned to Central Asia, my computer issues have been resolved, and so, here I am!  Ready to get back into blogging for you all. :)

I’m not sure where to even START here.  It has been so long, and despite an absence from the blogging world, I WAS still photographing!  And so there are a LOT of photographs I have not shared with you all.  I am not going to go back and share them all with you, but if you are interested, I have been posting on Instagram, and so you can see a lot of photos from the last six months or so on there.  Just search “deepsoulphotography”.  That’s my name on Instagram.

But today, I thought I WOULD share my favourite photos from our summer adventures.  We were spoiled rotten, and had some wonderful times in Canada, plus en route we were able to spend some time in Kyrgyzstan, England and Istanbul, and so I will share some of those photos as well.

So here we go…on to the photos!


Most of our time in this place was just traveling through, so I didn’t get to photograph here as much as I would have liked.  Up in the mountains, you find sweeping plateaus of green grass, with the occasional yurt or shipping container that has been turned into a house, herds of sheep, horses and cows, and the occasional man on horseback.  It is incredible, and someday I hope to have more time to spend up in the mountain lands of this place.

08 15 2015 Opalhike-9-Edit-Edit

06 02 2015 Kyrgystan-1-Edit

06 02 2015 Kyrgystan-11


Ah….land of castles, ancient cathedrals, rolling green hills and the sea…Again, our time here was not nearly long enough, but it gave us a small taste for the wonders of this place and our hearts were captured.










Our home and native land.  It was good to be back home after two years away, and we packed in as much good stuff as we could! :)  Time at the cottage, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, kayaking, paintballing, going to camp, lasertag, time with friends and family, watching Les Miserables at Rainbow Stage (an outdoor theatre…it was amazing!!), and then just the simple pleasures of taking a walk down a country road, watching the sun set over the river, fishing off the dock, and seeing a summer storm sweep its way across the canola fields…










Our last stop before getting back “home” to Central Asia.  Due to some overbooking of flights, we unexpectedly had three days in this beautiful city!  We took full advantage of it and enjoyed our time here, just hanging out and relaxing.  We didn’t really do any sightseeing, but just enjoyed some time as a family.  But I did get a few photographs…




So I hope you enjoyed our tour of the world! :)  We sure did.  We know we are blessed to be able to see all of these amazing places and to get to experience life in so many different places.  I think we are richer for it…not monetarily, but character-wise.  Travel changes you and you learn to see things in a different way as a result.  I know I am a different person than I was five years ago, before moving overseas.  And I think that’s a good thing.


Stay tuned, because I have some exciting news I want to share with you all…but we’ll save that for next time! :)

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Minimalist Mountains Last weekend, my daughter and I and a couple of friends decided to head up into the mountains (a 6+ hour drive, depending on the weather and the condition of the road) for a little getaway.  We had visited this place last summer, and I had not been able to get as many portraits of the beautiful people who live there as I had wanted, so I was eager to return and photograph the people once again!  Well, as is often the case, you need to learn to be flexible!  I did get some great portraits, but ironically, they are not my favourite photos of the trip. 

On the way home, as we headed down the mountains, we drove straight into a snow storm of sorts.  The road became icier and icier as we continued.  When we reached the highest point of the road, we saw semi trucks pulled over to the side of the road, waiting it out.  That was a little nerve wracking!  Our driver pulled over and we sat there contemplating what we should do.  Should we continue?  Should we turn back?  Could we even turn back on the narrow road??  As we sat, we watched as the semi in front of us pulled out to head down the mountain, and as he did so, his back end swung out to the side, completely perpendicular to the road!  Our hearts were in our throats...worried for the driver, but also the implications for ourselves!  Thankfully, he pulled himself straight, and began a slow descent down the mountain.   Shortly after, we decided to follow, as we saw him safely navigating the road.  We had an amazing driver who was very cautious and experienced, and so we put our trust in him and off we went.  Thankfully, we made it down the mountain.  The road continued to be icy and snow covered for another hour or more, but as we eventually descended low enough, the snow turned to rain, and the road was much safer.  Our hearts moved back down to our chests from our throats. 

But, as they often say in photography, bad weather makes the best photographs, and I have to say that it is true!  My favourite photographs from our weekend were taken on that drive home.  The sky was completely white, and the mountains hidden behind the clouds and mist.  Gradually, the mountains emerged from the white, showing just their rims and tips.  It made for a completely mesmerizing, yet minimalist landscape, and I loved it! 

Here are some of my favourites from the drive down the mountain...


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A Return to Consistency It has been quite some time since I posted anything here!  Between Internet connection issues and just not getting out to take photos, I have not posted anything for a long time!  In 2014, my goal was to get out at least once a week to take photos, and for the most part, I achieved and even surpassed that goal.  Well, so far in 2015, I have completely NOT achieved that goal! It’s been a busy couple of months with other things in my life, but I hope to get back in the saddle, and get more consistent with my photography again.  Not only is it good to have a goal to keep me motivated and engaged in my photography, I also find getting out to take photos just makes me happier!  So it’s a good goal to have…getting out to take photos!

So here are a few photos I took yesterday.  I met some fun ladies and their busy children, who were full of giggles and smiles…and sugar from all the candies they were eating! :)  They invited me in to their homes and sent me away with gifts of almonds and naan…another example of the warm hospitality that is shown here…even to complete strangers.










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The Best of 2014! It’s my favourite time of the year!  Time to go over all my photos from the year and choose “the best” or, my favourites.  It’s fun to look back and see what I did well, and, what could have been done better.

This year was a good year.  I think my best yet.  It was a year of good landscape photos, which is a bit of a surprise, as this isn’t my “specialty” or what I enjoy the most, necessarily (although I may change my mind yet!  It was fun to shoot these landscapes this year, and I was really happy with the results!).  Overall, I’m really happy with my work this year.  As always, there is room to grow and improve, and that’s part of the beauty of doing a review like this.  It shows me how well I did, but it also shows me where I fell short, where I can improve, or even, by which photos jump out at me the most, what I need to do differently from hereon in.  For example, as I went through my photos, I found myself gravitating to photos that included a “story”…some background information that gives more context and information about where it is or what’s going on, and I found myself not gravitating to just straight closely cropped shots of just people’s faces.  So that tells me that, moving forward, perhaps I need to shoot more story-like images…images that tell a story.  And that’s good to know.

I have also loved playing with light this year.  Especially in the second half of the year, I really began to look for dramatic light.  The contrast of light and shadow.  I think you’ll see it in the results below that that was a real focus for me this year, and something I really became passionate about.

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy the best of 2014…And please feel free to share in the comments which ones are YOUR favourites, or perhaps there is one I didn’t include that was your favourite from the year.  I’d love to hear about it!

Best portrait of the year


I still can’t decide which one of these I like better.  I like them both!  So they both win. :)


Best portrait of a child


I just love this shot.  I love the look of sweet innocence and trust on his face and the soft light caressing his face.  Gorgeous.

Best “Moment”


These guys were just too cute, perched on the edge of the bench, all squished together, having a little chat.  A perfect moment.

Best street photo


Two very different shots tie in this category.  I love this shot of this little girl.  Her cute yellow shoes that match with the door behind her, her dress that matches the scooter and the repeating blue, the receding light that draws your eye back into the frame, combined with her pose and expression of deep thought make this a really interesting photo.



I love this shot of the scooters backlit against the rising sun and the gorgeous yellowing leaves of fall.

Best Detail Shot


Love the light, the colour and the selective focus on this one that leads your eye straight to the hanging cluster of grapes.


Again, a totally different shot.  This one is just so expressive in its’ quirky way. :)  It is very open to interpretation!

Best Doorway


Okay, it’s not really a doorway, I guess.  But it is a passageway.  So I think it counts!

I have always loved black backdrops in portraits, or black backgrounds.  I think it’s the drama of them.  So this one completely fits the bill!


More dramatic light makes this photo sing with the drama of warm light and the mystery of deep shadows.

Best “funny” shot


At first glance, maybe this one doesn’t seem so funny, but as you look back, you see the second barber at work on his customer, and it just makes me giggle every time…

Best portrait from project:women

2014-12-30_0003   This woman has such an expressive face, and combined with an amazing background, it makes for a great shot.


This lady’s smile and eyes just radiate warmth.

Best relationship photo


A moment of true warmth and laughter and fun captured in this shot between mother and daughter.


Another moment of genuine affection between mother and daughter.  I love the expression on the little girl’s face.

Best Abstract


The blue of the ocean just calls out to be shot as an abstract, just completely focusing on its’ vibrant colour.  Doesn’t it just say “summer” to you??

Best light and shadow


Going back to that black frame again.  I love the contrast of going from darkness into the  light.  Such symbolism in shots like this.


Again, a contrast of light and shadow, this time in a completely natural setting.

Best Landscape(s)

Okay, this one was just too hard to choose just one…or even two!  So this category has FOUR winners!  I know, I know, that’s totally against the rules, but who are we kidding?  I make the rules here!! :)


This one combines a bunch of favourites for me…dramatic light and shadow, culture, with the truck (over)loaded with corn and the receding misty mountains.


A similar shot, but simpler.  I love the rays of sunlight an the mist covered mountains, with the dramatic black foreground.


Totally different.  Summer!  Vibrant colour!  A boat in the perfect place.  This one captures the essence of life by the ocean for me.


From the ocean to the desert.  Here, high up in the mountains, a woman walks towards a picturesque lake with gorgeous sand dunes in the background.  There’s just something about this shot that I love.

My personal favourite


Well, this one is personal.  It is my daughter in the picture, which adds sentimental value for me.  But I love the grandiosity of the landscape compared to the smallness of my daughter, along with the dramatic light and the sunburst sun…to me, a perfect photo.


So that’s it!  To be honest, there were a lot of other “favourites” I could have included, but I didn’t want to make the list TOOOOO long!  I hope you enjoyed the round-up.  Please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

And Happy New Year to you all!  May the next year be filled with more great moments and memories for all of us!

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Mist Shrouded Mountains I love these photos!  I have always loved photos of mountains receding into mist.  There is just something about them that is so mysterious and captivating.  So when I saw this scene, I just knew I had to photograph it!  It was such a beautiful scene, and so I just kept shooting…from all different angles, trying to capture the scene in a way that did it justice.  I am so happy with these photos.  I love the juxtoposition of light and shadow and mist.  The layers of mountains, fading into the distance.  I could look at these forever.  In fact, I just may have to blow one of these up and hang it on my wall so that I can do just that!

Which one is your favourite?

Enjoy!  And Merry Christmas to you all!  May your holidays be filled with light and love.








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Red Rock Hike We’ve done a lot of hiking this week!  And every one of those hikes has been totally different and amazingly beautiful.  The last hike of the week was in an area of gorgeous red rock mountains.  These were the highest (and thus, coldest!) mountains we hiked this week.  Well, that we hiked amongst.  We actually found a riverbed that wound its way up through the mountains, so it was quite an easy hike.  But my boys had fun climbing up higher and challenging themselves to some more difficult terrain while the rest of us took it easy. :)

The sky was a brilliant blue, which contrasted perfectly with the red/orange rocks, making for some lovely photos.










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The Canyon – Light & Shadow Our family has been spending this past week doing some exploring and hiking in our area.  Yesterday we chose a spot a friend had told us about.  It is a long canyon that starts out wide and open, but soon narrows down and in places becomes cave-like, with low ceilings and dark passageways.  At times it feels scary, as you walk under jutting out rocks…and hope that they don’t collapse on your head!  This is an area that does experience earthquakes, and we could see piles of rocks in places where collapses had obviously occurred.  So we were careful and walked quietly! :)

Despite the slight sense of danger, the place was gorgeous!  The caves were spectacular, with the play of light and shadow on the cave walls and ground, which is a photographer’s dream!

Here are some of the photos from the canyon…













As we were leaving the canyon, this was the view.  A sacred spot up on top of the mountain as the sun set.

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Hiking Discovery Yesterday, my family and I went hiking.  We didn’t know where to go, but had a few ideas.  Plan A fell through…we couldn’t find the road to get to where we wanted to go.  Plan B was to just drive til we found something interesting.  Plan B it was!  So we drove awhile until we found a spot that looked promising.  From the road we could see some low mountains and what looked like it might be a bit of a path.  So we parked the car and headed for the hills.  Well were we in for a surprise!  As we walked, we made the most amazing discoveries!  Amazing rock structures surrounded us.  It was incredibly beautiful.  Every twist and turn led to a new view and new rock formations.  Here we were, in the middle of nowhere, at a random stop, and THIS is what we found?!  Incredible!  This was just “random” beauty…not a national park or famous hiking spot…just a spot we “happened” to choose.  What a beautiful place we live in!  What a gift to get to experience such beauty.

So…my boys took off to explore on their own.  My older daughter and husband headed in another direction while I stayed with my youngest daughter.  Periodically we all re-connected to check in and share our discoveries.  And I, of course, documented it all with my camera.  Here are some of the gorgeous views we experienced…


This spot reminded me of the famous Antelope Canyon in the United States.  I’ve never been there, but have certainly seen lots of images of it.  This place was a lot different, but the sweeping, swooping curves of the rock had its similarities.



Some close ups of the rock structures we saw.



Success!  My son.



Lovely sweeping lines and curves in the rocks.



Incredible.  Such amazing structures.




More interesting rock formations.



Sunset on an abandoned brick factory at the end of our hike.

2014-12-18_0010 My favourite image of the day.  My daughter hikes an opposing ridge as the sun sets.  Gorgeous!

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Winter Bazaar The weather has been cold here lately!  Colder than normal, it seems.  We’ve also had a lot more snow than usual (although that’s not saying a lot, cause a lot of snow for here is still only, like, 2 mm!!)

Despite the cold weather, I really wanted to go to the bazaar yesterday.  I had not been to this bazaar before, as bazaar day is Monday, and it is not usually convenient for me to go.  But this week, we are taking some holiday time, which means I got to go to the Monday Bazaar!  But it WAS chilly!  As you’ll see in the photos, people were huddled around their fires, warming their hands, and were all bundled up.  It’s not easy sitting outside all day in the middle of winter!  I was amazed at the number of people without mitts or gloves on too.  My hands were cold even with my mitts on!

I love going to the bazaar though.  It is always a hive of activity, people bustling around, buying their needed supplies for the week.  There’s the vegetable and fruit section, the clothing section, the shoe section, the animal section, the metal working section, the outdoor barber…you name it, they’ve got it at the bazaar!  It’s so fun wandering around and seeing it all.

Yesterday I was there at the end of the day, so many people were beginning to close up shop for the day.  Counting out their earnings from the day, discussing sales with a partner, making last minute sales.  Never a dull moment!

Here are some of my shots from the day:


An overview of the fruit and vegetable section of the bazaar.  Do you remember those “Where’s Waldo” books?  This photo reminds me of that!  So much going on here!


This was the “restaurant” and food stall section, as you can tell from all the smoke and steam in the air.


These were duck kebabs!  I had never seen duck kebabs before!  I didn’t try any, although they did look really good!


Warming up over the kebab coals!  I loved this little outdoor restaurant…you can see the tables in the background with a tv even!  Not sure it was the right kind of day for an outdoor meal, but who knows?!  They had at least one customer, as you can see in the background.


The tea and medicine seller.  He takes a bit of this, a bit of that, puts it into the paper in his hand, then funnels it into his handy dandy spice grinder, and voila!  You have either tea or medicine!


Here you can see some of his eclectic wares…everything from cumin, turmeric, saffron, tea leaves, snake skins, and lots of other unrecognizable things!


Do you need some fat??  These guys were selling sheep fat.  It is the main fat used here…for cooking and even baking.  Women will buy the fat and melt it down to use in cooking.  They also chop it up and add it to food, as it adds flavour.  I find it hard to stomach though, having been raised in the West, where you remove every bit of fat from your food!


I love this!  This lady and her newly bought sheep were stopped for a glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.


The pomegranate juice man.  The pomegranate goes into the circular part at the bottom of the contraption that he’s holding and then he turns the handle and the pomegranate gets smushed into juice.  I had a glass and it was really tasty!  Sometimes it is quite sour, but this stuff was nice and sweet.


A big smile!


A man enjoys a glass of pomegranate juice.


Pouring the freshly squeezed juice into bottles to sell.


Three buddies were stopped in front of a little fire to warm up and have a chat.


A friendly man poses for a photo.




The carpet section.  Red seems to be the theme here.


Discussing sales from the day.


And exchanging cash.


Such an interesting spot!


Strands of garlic hang waiting to be sold while a couple of young men warm up at a fire behind.


This woman was counting her money after a busy day of sales.  She said business had been good that day.


I love these long braids of garlic, and have bought them a few times.  This was the garlic seller section of the bazaar and this man very patiently posed for me for awhile.


A garlic still life. :)


Another garlic seller waits for a few last customers.


This guy was hilarious!  I was crouched down, photographing the garlic seller when all of a sudden, this guy’s head was in my frame!  I thankfully quickly clicked my shutter (although he is blurry) but I love it!  Photobombed by an old man at the bazaar!  LOL!


He then posed for an actual portrait. :)


Need a pot?


This was the biggest hand woven basket I had ever seen!  (In the women’s lingerie section!).


A couple of water jugs sit abandoned after a busy market day.

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A New Look (and some black and white photos) I have a new look for my blog!  Do you like it?  I am really happy with it.  [For those of you reading this on, this is in reference to my Wordpress blog found at  Same content, different look.]  I love the new look and am happy with some of the new features that weren’t compatible with my last look.  Take a look around, as you may find some new things, including some new categories in the top menu and a sample of my (new) Instagram photos on the bottom of the page.  You can also find my website address where you can purchase prints.  So I think it’s a pretty comprehensive update!  Let me know what you think!

And I thought I’d share some recent black and white photos as well.  I find myself enjoying black and white more and more.  It is just so timeless and classic and has a way of really bringing out the subject matter and textures, which I love!



This man came herding his sheep down the street, so I decided to just get right in the middle of them so that I could get this shot!  Thankfully I didn’t get them all turned around or I think I may have had a not so happy shepherd to contend with!!


I was walking through this neighbourhood and came across this pathway, but I couldn’t see exactly where it went.  As I was standing there, wondering, this man came up towards me with his buckets and I was able to snap a shot.  I found out later the path goes down into a valley.  So now that’s on my list of places to investigate further!


Tis the season for burning leaves.  The roads in this area are lined with beautiful poplars on both sides of the road, which are gorgeous, especially in the fall when they turn a brilliant yellow, but when they drop their leaves, there are leaves EVERYWHERE!

2014-12-13_0001 I came across this spot a while ago and was fascinated with all the amazing doors and the black “thing” on the left, that protruded from the wall.  I have no idea what it is, but it looked amazing.  I was taking some photos, thinking it was just missing something, when this little guy ran through.  Perfect!


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, on the new look, on the photos or anything else!  Thank you to all of you for coming back again and again to see my work and for sharing your comments.  Your kind words mean a lot!

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Strength and Beauty I don’t think it’s easy being a woman in this place.  In many ways, life is like it was hundreds of years ago in other places.  When a girl marries, she often leaves her own family and comes to live with her new family where she often works very hard cooking and cleaning for her new family.  She is sometimes mistreated by her new in-laws.  Domestic violence is not uncommon.  Marriages are most often arranged, and often happen within weeks of the first meeting of bride and groom.  Sometimes even days after!  It’s hard for us Westerners to understand how this works “in this day and age”.  And yet it does.  And the women persevere.  They live and go on.  Many thrive and learn to love their husbands and their new families.  Not all stories are dark.  Many families are very close and loving, and it’s been a joy for me to meet many of them.  But amidst the happy stories, there are always the sad ones too.

The portraits I have for you today are all of women.  I don’t know all of these women’s stories.  I interacted with them for just a short period of time, so didn’t hear their life stories.  But in their faces I see strength.  I see beauty.  Despite the passing of years and outer beauty, and whatever they have weathered in their lives, there remains a fierce inner strength, or a remarkable sense of innocence, gentleness and grace that you can not help but admire and marvel at. 


This lady had spunk!  She saw me walking on her dead end street, and immediately called out to ask me what I was doing (as I obviously didn’t belong!).  When I explained that I was just looking around, she came over and started talking with me.  She agreed to pose for me, even though she couldn’t understand why I would want a photo of her!  She insisted she was ugly, and I insisted back that she most certainly was not!


This lady was so sweet.  We talked briefly and after communicating for awhile with her in her language (pretty badly, really), she thanked me for learning her language.  That was really special for me.  It’s not every day you get thanked for learning someone’s language.


After meeting the lady on the left and talking to her for awhile, I got to meet her good friend, and they wanted to be photographed together, which I was happy to do!


This woman had such a gentle, sweet spirit, which I think comes across in these photos.




This lady was so funny!  She saw me walking towards her and immediately approached me and started talking to me.  As she saw my camera, she wanted her photo taken, and proceeded to fix her headscarf and pose for me.  I love this series of three photos, as I think it really captures her quirky character! :)


And then I love this more serious close-up as well.


I didn’t interact with this woman as much.  I spoke with her neighbour (photos above) and she seemed happy to stay in the background.  But when I saw her green outfit and the green door behind her, I couldn’t resist asking for her photo!


This lady was a real card!  She had such an interesting outfit on, and as she seemed quite willing to pose for me, I photographed her from a few different angles. I was having trouble communicating exactly how I wanted her to stand, however, and after moving her this way and that, and trying to show her with my own body what I was wanting her to do, she finally just broke down in a fit of giggles.  And I just happened to catch it!


I sat and talked with this woman for quite a while.  She was super friendly and patient with my very limited language abilities!!


I can’t stop thinking of this woman.  She was the last woman I visited with that day and she really made an impact on me.  She is 80 years old and when I came across her, she was busy sweeping in front of her house!  We had a lovely visit, sitting on that tree trunk, and she told me that her husband had passed away 30 years ago.  She only had an education up to grade 5.  But she was the sweetest woman, and invited me to come over anytime and just knock on her door.  I think I just might take her up on that offer! :)


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Random I feel like this bunch of images are rather disparate, without a real unifying theme tying them together.  Random.  Unconnected.  But they all came from a recent walk through the city I took.  So for me, that is what connects them.  Whether they are thematic or not, I hope you enjoy them! :)  We’ll just keep it focused on the images today, with a bit of commentary on each…


I love this one.  Just the simplicity and symbolism of it.  From darkness to light…


This one is so cute.  The big sister tenderly holding the hand of her younger brother, carrying his balloon in her other hand, against an amazing backdrop.  Heading home after a fun day.  A glimpse of tenderness and affection.


This was such a fun spot, with the repeating pattern of the doorways in the background, and then these little girls arrived and ran through and I love how I got them blurred as they ran past me.  I love her red boots too! 


A study in colour.  This one is…can you guess it?  Brown.


This one is different from what I usually shoot, I think.  A bit more urban, industrial in feel, but there was just something about how the three elements (turquoise window, orange electricity box and scooter) and the splashes of colour aligned that caught my eye and just seemed to work!


I loved how the colours of the doors and curtain were reflected on the wooden roof, so I shot this one vertical in order to capture those reflections.


This is the same scene, horizontally shot and in black and white.  I love all the interesting details.  Your eye just keeps wandering through the frame, taking it all in, exploring.


This shot didn’t work for me at all in colour, but in black and white it  became a study in textures and shadow and light.


This is similar to a shot I had in my last post, but I love how this just focuses your attention on the crazy brick pathway, with other interesting details along the edges!

Let me know which is your favourite in the comment section!


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